Friday, 23 February 2007

Brother's work

Seeing as i've posted some of my drawings, I thought I might as well pop some of my brother's up too. These three are some of my favourite sketchs of his that I have.
When we were kids my strange mother used to throw away all his drawings because see considered them 'unwholesome'or the work of the devil or something. It got to the point where Matt would draw something (he loved to draw) and then screw it up and throw it in the bin, most times without ever showing anyone. i managed to salvage a handful of these and kept them in a well hidden folder. I'm really glad I did! shame I don't have much of his more recent work.


dobbin said...

I think the middle one is genius. Could have had commercial success as an artist with work like that - at least in the cartoon/fantasy type realm anyway.

I once told my mum I was a satanist. I was 12. Not sure if I actually knew what it meant, but I thought I was one.

bonjoy said...

I always told him to go in to drawing for comics....
Dobbin the satanist, hmmm, onanist maybe...;)

Fiend said...

Pretty cool stuff.

The middle one is very similar to Ian Miller's work: - was your bro inspired by him??