Friday, 24 August 2007


MW was good, but rather spoilled by the weather. Bagged lots of lower end sevens, flashed an overgraded 7c Fool Fighter and got very close to doing Sofa Surfer. Did overlapping halves on SS in a session, but after that it was wet for three days so we left.
Drove through some biblical storms in Swiss and Italy to get to a very damp Ceuse. Thankfully the sun came out the next day and im on a rest day now after two days of greqt conditions at the crag. Have done a bunch of stuff, all great up to 7b+ on Berlin and Cascade. Met up with North Country Boy again (he was in Germany at same time) and the psyche is flowing. Bring me the classics. Stamina is not quite up to scratch yet but should get sorted soon enough.
Allez oop

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Hello at last

Sorry about the lack of update. Unfortunately there was only one login available in the Frankenjura, it was utter pants and I couldn`t do blog on it. Also my old camera bust, so we have no picks from Germany, but have got a very nice replacement, so will put some picks up of elsewhere.
In the end we spent three and a bit weeks in Germany and mostly had good weather. At first I was not totally taken by the climbing in the Frankenjura, but after a week or so and visits to some of the better crags it started to grow on me and eventually I think Ive become a convert. As I was told the beer and the cakes are exceptional and the campsite is a classic among climbers campsites (excuse lack of apostrophes, I cant find them on this Swiss keyboard).
Got a fair bit done routeswise. Onsighted some 7cs and a 7c+ (Ekel at Eldorado - just like climbing on the 50 degree board). Redpointed an easy 8a+ and would have done 3 or 4 more but was thwarted by shit weather for the crucial last few days.
We have now moved on to Magic Wood in Swiss. Quite a big UK crowd out here at the moment, Joe Le Sage, Vicky Barret, Tim Stubbly, Dave Mason, Andy Banks & Emma, Keith Bradbury and more on the way. Up to now the bouldering has been great, but the weather has just crapped out and looks set to stay poor for a bit. Nothing hard bagged yet but lots on the list. Had a play on a new think today on a boulder about a mile from the main area. More like a route thank a boulder prob. Amazing line up a pair of aretes and grooves. Got to the last move but ended up reversing. Eee well, nearly a brilliant E5 6a.
Will post more when I have more time.... could be soon if the rain stays. See ya